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McCaslin Road Project                     



This MRWA-sponsored project will remediate an AMD discharge identified as MP5 in the Abandoned Mine Drainage Cleanup Plan for the Montour Run Watershed.  This discharge presently emanates from a 6" PVC pipe just to the west of Clinton Road (SR3089) in Findlay Township, Allegheny County.  It flows beneath the road and directly enters the headwaters of the West Fork of Enlow Run, a tributary to Montour Run, located just north of the village of Clinton, PA.  It is very acidic, with an average pH of 3.3, and it has a fairly high aluminum concentration, averaging about 30 mg/l.  The corresponding loadings are significant at a measured 14,000 lb/year of acid and 1700 lb/year of aluminum.  Project completion is targeted for June of 2009.

Project funding in the amount of $146,984 has been obtained totally from the Growing Greener program of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.  In addition to MRWA, the project partners include the Township of Findlay; BioMost, Inc; and Quality Aggregates, Inc.   The abatement measures will include an auto-flush limestone pond and a settling pond and adjoining wetland.  Expected benefits include:

            Immediate water quality improvements in the headwaters of the West Fork of Enlow Run, a tributary to Montour Run

                 Significant decreases in metal loadings, especially aluminum, to the West Fork of Enlow Run

                 Naturally functioning wetlands with high wildlife habitat value

                 Expansion of education/outreach and stakeholder involvement in restoration of the Montour Run Watershed






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